AI algorithms to large-scale data


The current algorithmic trading is restricted due to the limitations of human capacity. It involves numerous data points and subsequently millions of calculations which take time and effort to execute, albeit inaccurately. InfoPlay provides solutions driven by Artificial Intelligence, giving an edge of being far superior over the current human capacity, by using deep reinforcement learning. Our smart AI trader constantly learns and generates better strategies to maximize ones investment and investment goals.


So how can one benefit from InfoPlay as a fund manager in assisting maximization of one's investment goals?

It does not involve human emotions, which makes the decisions unbiased. Every AI trader is personalized relative to the individually unique trading profile. It is completely optimized, which means that the trader constantly improves itself by machine learning, becoming increasingly efficient over time.
Human experts are costly and inefficient, and this is a better and affordable alternative.


Google DeepMindā€™s AlphaGo and InfoPlay share the same technology; a combination of algorithm based on deep learning and reinforcement learning. Each AI trader is responsible to extract hidden trends and relationships inside numerous, large amounts of high dimensional data sets through deep, feed-forward artificial neural networks, while keeping in mind all the micro and macro parameters involved.

Our influence solutions are
based on 3 pillars

Pattern Recognition

Our AI Trader is able to distinguish trading patterns which are left undetected by the human mind, through a variety of inputs including, but not limited to price and volume from various exchanges present worldwide, news from various resources in multiple languages, and macroeconomic factors and other accounting data.

Self-Develop Strategies

Each framework is unique and individually customized, which helps the AI traders in interpreting previously unknown connections, and measuring the extent to which they have been interrelated through time. Based on the historical data in the trading market, the AI entity learns a combination of tens of thousands of predictive models that appear to have predictive value in the process as well.

Faster and Smarter Alternate

Training takes 20 years for a human trader to get fully accustomed to, although rather inefficiently. In contrast, our platform does that in 10 hours, practicing millions of times using different combinations of data sets and externalities, to be as efficient and as accurate as possible. It provides clever, unseen, and unique solutions far beyond human interpretation.

Invest with confidence.

InfoPlay applies proprietary biologically-inspired artificial intelligence algorithms to large-scale data analytics.

In the past, it takes around 20 year to train a top trader. Now our AI traders can practice millions times to excel in trading in less than 10 hrs. They can even come around up with clever strategies that human never imagine before. When the market changes, our AI traders can react.